Eyewear should be a reflection of both your personality and lifestyle. We blend function with fashion, giving you the flexibility to customize your eyewear needs. Our description of lens types, tints and frames provides the knowledge necessary to choose the right shades for you.


At i-gogs we are passionate about lenses. Creating a better lens is what drives us. Four years ago we introduced one of our most important lens technologies, P-Tech Polarized™.

When the sun reflects off surfaces like water, snow or pavement, its brightness is magnified – creating intense glare. P-Tech Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight bouncing off those flat surfaces. Sunglasses with P-Tech Polarized lenses cut glare and haze so you see clearly and comfortably.

P-Tech Polarized lenses are successful because they balance the polarization effect with light transfer to increase visual acuity and depth perception. The result is a crisp view that is color true and easier on your eyes.

P-Tech Polarized lenses are hard coated to resist scratching and block out 100% of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. Additionally P-Tech Polarized lenses are lightweight and highly impact resistant, making them longlasting.

Polycarbonate is the benchmark in protective eyewear. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses.

Polycarbonate was developed specifically for safety and strength in industrial applications, before used as lens material.

What makes Polycarbonate the superior lens when eye protection is essential? The difference is in the manufacturing process. Polycarbonate pellets are injection molded and compressed under high pressure to form each lens.

Compared to the liquid cast molding of plastics, the rapid injection of polycarbonate produces a lens capable of withstanding impact.

i-gogs Polycarbonate are ANSI Z87.1 certified to withstand basic impact and the lenses are made even more durable by applying an Anti-Scratch Hard Coating to both sides of the i-gogs Z87.1 Polycarbonate lens.

Our Z87.1 Polycarbonate provide 100% lightweight protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.



Versatile and a good choice for all-weather use. Smoke tint is effective at blocking glare without changing color perception.

Ideal for Driving, Fishing and Water Sports.


Improves both contrast and depth perception in low light. Brown is especially good at blocking blue light commonly found on cloudy days.

Ideal for Shooting, Snow Sports and Water Sports.


Improves contrast and sharpness. Lenses in these hues block haze and blue light and enhance the warm colors of objects.

Ideal for Cycling, Shooting and Tennis.


A grey/green lens the G15 lens emphasizes the color our eyes see the most easily. Well suited for all outdoor activities and sports in bright light conditions.

Ideal for Golf, Running and Tennis


Enhances visual depth by adjusting contrast. Provides good road visibility and reduces eye strain. Performs well in most weather conditions, especially in snow.

Ideal for Cycling, Driving and Motor Sports.


Reduces glare in bright light conditions and improves color and contour perception. Good in misty, foggy and snowy conditions by blocking the glare from white light.

Ideal for Golf, Snow Sports and Water Sports.


The general purpose tint offering even color perception. Provides good contrast in overcast or low-light conditions. Dims glare while brightening shadows.

Ideal for Hiking, Running and Water Sports.


Thin layers of metallic coatings reduce visible light entering the eyes. In high-glare environments mirrors reflect light off the surface of the lens.

Ideal for Hiking, Snow Sports and Water Sports.




Stainless steel frames are lightweight but strong and corrosion free. They also are low toxicity because they are nickel-free and thus hypoallergenic which means people with metal allergies can wear stainless steel frames comfortably.



Strong and durable Z87.1 frames are tested to resist basic impact.



PEI material is ultra-flexible, strong and lightweight. PEI is often lighter than stainless steel and it flexibility allows frames to bounce back to their original shape.



High Performance plus Low Weight. TR90 is the lightest engineered plastic in existence. The low weight characteristic contributes to all day comfort. In frames TR90 is known to be extremely tough and resistance to weathering – which is idea for active outdoor use.



Because Polycarbonate is a versatile, tough plastic frames made from polycarbonate are primarily associated with sport or safety glasses. In combination with polycarbonate lenses, this material offers optimum impact resistance and eye protection.



Frames made from aluminum are high-test. They are lightweight and hypoallergenic. Aluminum frames are also corrosion, heat and abrasion proof.